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Delivering results-driven beauty protocols to salons & clinics LumiSKN is a leading supplier of medical-grade aesthetic devices used in beauty clinics and salons across the UK.

All our technologically-advanced LumiSKN machines have been researched, designed and developed in our Italian-based facility – a country renowned for its style and beauty.

Our aesthetic machines are manufactured using innovative processes employing the highest quality components to deliver results-driven devices to our UK customers.

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What can LumiSKN offer your clinic?

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We're inviting UK Salon and clinic owners to book a virtual demonstration of our LumiSKN devices.
Experience our technology online via a virtual demonstration, designed to showcase every aspect of our devices, while respecting social distancings in a COVID-safe environment.

As salon owners ourselves, we know how busy you are, so we've used innovative virtual technologies which allow you to see our machines in action without having to travel or leave your salon.

The LumiSKN demonstration brings to life the science at the heart of our medical-grade aesthetic devices.

The Results..

.. Healthy skin & Happy Clients!

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A leading supplier of medical-grade aesthetic equipment and accredited beauty training in the UK.

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